Let's Be Totally Clear:
We do not ask you for any donation!
When you buy at our partner's online shops -
 they support us with small percentage of your purchase amount.
There is no addition to your total cost!

1. Install our extension

Go to the web store and install our extension. Our extension is working in the background and will not disturb your shopping experience.
We are not saving or transferring personal data to anyone! You don't even need to login or register. It's a true "install and forget" tool that is just doing good!

2. Select a good cause

From the extension popup - select at anytime your favorite Nonprofit or Organization that you would like to support.
You can filter the list of available nonprofits by country.

You can also set a nickname - real one or alias - which will be shared only with the nonprofit you support.

Your favorite nonprofit is supporting an amazing important cause and it is not listed? Drop us a line and we will check and add it!

3. Shop Online

By shopping with all our major affiliate shops - you are supporting us and directly helps the nonprofit you selected.
It's not much and the percentages vary by the affiliate programs the shops provides - but together we are helping nonprofits that will appreciate your help.In case you are shopping in a similar shop to our affiliate partners - we will kindly remind you to consider shopping in our partner's shop.

4. You are doing good!

Periodically we are distributing 90% of the affiliates' profits to the registered nonprofits according to shoppers' preferences.Each nonprofit receives a detailed report including nicknames of its contributors.

Make your shopping count! 

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How we do it?

Every time you check out with one of our partners affiliate shops - we save the estimated total checkout amount, your selected nonprofit and your selected nickname.
We do not track you, your shopping habits, IP or any personal information and data!
Your optional nickname is the only information you can choose to change to your real name or email - to share ONLY with the nonprofit you support.

There are no hidden fees or unknown activities: we simply collect and distribute 90% of the affiliates' profits to the nonprofits - on behalf of our Good Shoppers.
The other 10% is used for development, IT and operations.

Our Added Value for Our Partners

We do not push ads, we do not send emails or advertise your products to potential shoppers.
So What is our added value? Glad you asked!

We expose you as a partner that helps nonprofits around the world to our community of shoppers who know their buying power and want to do good.


We bring traffic directly from your competitors' website!

YES. you got that right!
Every time our users search for a product on your competitors' website - we kindly remind them that they have an option - to buy the same products from our partners - and help the nonprofits we support.

How does it work?

You let us know which websites are designated as your competitors.
When our users view your competitors' website - they will also see a popup message on the bottom part of your competitors' website - kindly (and periodically) asking them to consider shopping with our partners - with a button which links to your website.

Traffic from your competitors! Isn't it worth helping the community of Good Shoppers?

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